17 April 2009

Pants tight….noooooooo!

Actually, I have been living in Reitman’s Comfort pants for well over a month now. They are a stretchy fabric, almost like a dressy yoga pant and I’m sincerely hoping that I can keep wearing them until my third trimester. Pants with zippers, however, are my mortal enemy. Last night I decided to try on some cute bottoms that I had purchased for the cruise back in February; I can barely get the damn things past my thighs now….why do I torture myself like this?

So now I face the challenge of trying to dress my growing and highly-disproportionate body. Even more challenging is the fact that I do not want to spend a fortune, yet refuse to look like a dowdy oversized schoolmarm. Truth be told, the maternity clothes out there today aren’t quite as horrid as my mothers generation, but they are very costly if you buy new. In an effort to save some $$$, I have been shopping around at consignment shops. Try as I might, I can’t bring myself to pay full price for something I will only be wearing for another six months and will probably want to burn after the baby is born. I’ll invest in a few good solid pieces or suits, but the rest will be gently-loved castoffs. It’s funny when I think back to adolescence – a time where I probably wouldn’t have been caught dead buying second-hand. Now my goal in life is to bargain hunt, never pay full price and secretly laugh at others who outgrow their $300 designer jeans in two months. I am also now faced with the infamous “mother’s guilt” – I.e. Anything that I spend on myself, could have gone towards something for my child.

Tonight’s plan – find a skirt that fits! With summer on the way and an increased blood flow (meaning more hot spells for Momma), I need to find something a little lighter to wear. I think hubby is also getting tired of seeing me dress like a man these days.

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