14 April 2009

Manatee in hiding

I’m at that awkward stage where I don’t have a cute baby belly, instead I’m all bloat. I sometimes liken myself to a slow-growing manatee, lazily getting pudgier as the days go on. Sadly I don’t think I’ll be one of these “all belly” kind of women; I think “butterball” is in my immediate future. My derriere seems to be growing so that it will counterbalance my stomach as it grows - can’t have me tipping over now can we?

This weekend I ate epic amounts of chocolate, at all ungodly hours of the day and night. I finally broke down today, accepted my complete and utter weakness and forced hubby to bring all the Easter goodies to work with him, far away from my greedy little paws. Honestly, I’d make a sumo wrestler sick!

Thankfully I’ve managed to keep up a decent exercise regime despite the snacking. I’ve had to tone down the weights and cut out contact sports but I still do walking, elliptical and yoga on a daily basis. I am the proud over of 5 prenatal DVD workouts, all of varying degrees of cheesiness. I can’t wait to start Aquafitness next week and hopefully this will help ease some of the back pain I have been experiencing already.

I have been trying to teach myself to sleep on my left side at night, as this is the “supposed” best position to sleep in for the baby, however it has been a slow and painful process. I still keep rolling onto my back (which I’m not supposed to do when I get bigger) so I may try sleeping with a large C-shaped pillow (a.k.a. Snoogle) to get me in a comfy position…I’m sure hubby will be thrilled by the extra protective barrier between us in our already-crowded bed.

Let the good times roll.

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