09 April 2009


What hubby and I hope will be another rambling redhead! It gives me great pleasure to finally introduce out little bean, due on October 21st, 2009. Waiting to write about this for the past three months has been agonizing!

It appears that we brought back quite the souvenir from New Orleans! I still can’t believe that everything happened so fast, I didn’t think I would be able to get pregnant for at least a few months. Guess I’m what people laughingly call a “fertile myrtle”

I have been very fortunate to have a symptomless pregnancy – no sickness, no aversions to food, no extreme exhaustion, etc. There have been times when my lack of symptoms have left me wondering whether I was indeed pregnant or not but, sure enough, the little bean is growing and we saw it kicking and dancing away at our 12-week ultrasound. I guess I take after my mother and am one of those rare and fortunate women that feel like a million bucks while pregnant. I’ve just got learn to relax, trust my body and leave the rest up to the powers that be. As I learned very quickly, a mother’s infamous ability to worry doesn’t just occur after birth, it happens from the first moment you stare down incredulously at a positive pregnancy test.

Our little one can't wait to meet you all!

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Hilary said...

Woohoo! Congratulations.