07 April 2009

And what to my wondering eyes should appear?

Snowflakes… wretched, irritating and much-detested snowflakes! Damn it!

Just when I thought I had kissed all final vestiges of winter behind, Mother Nature decided to throw a few more days of cold and crappy weather into the mix. We were teased with a few brief weeks of sunshine and heat; then, presto, out comes the parka once more. I’m done with this, I tell you…done!

My fingers are already itching to start resurrecting my garden but it looks as though this April will be as unpredictable as always. For now its gray skies, soggy days and flannel pajamas – not so bad for staying in bed and hiding from the world, but certainly not inspiring for any “get up and go” during the work week. It’s only Tuesday and already I feel as though I could nap for a year. Thank goodness this will be an extra-long weekend.

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