27 March 2009

Bask Away!

Spring has sprung, the sun in shining and the air has that oh-so-lovely scent of...poop…

Okay, so perhaps I wasn’t born in the most beautiful month of the year but at least I can say that winter seems to finally be on its way out. There’s light at the end of the tunnel and warmth too! Time to shake off the SAD (seasonal affect disorder), crawl out from hibernation and exchange the stale air that has been circulating in your home for far too long. I’m not entirely ready to throw in my flanel pjamams just yet, but hope is on the way!

Not much new to report, other than I’m feeling perfectly content today - incroyable, n’est-ce pas? I’ve had a very productive work week and my plans for the weekend include…drum roll please….nothing, rien, nada en absoluto! Have you ever seen a girl so keyed up to do nothing before?!? (Let’s just ignore the customary weekend chores).

Sadly, I’m sure that by tomorrow afternoon I’ll manage to fill my plate up with something. The idea of any possible relaxation, however, is gift enough itself.

Happy Friday and Happy Weekend!

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