12 January 2009

PJ work day

It’s noon on a Monday and I’m sitting here with my unwashed hair, grungy bathrobe and ancient slippers. No, I’m not ill. One could actually argue that I was at the office for the entire morning, albeit virtually. One of the glories of modern technology, not to mention flexible employers, is the ability to telecommute from home. With a few clicks of the mouse, I can connect remotely to my network at the office and be fully operational from the comfort of my own home. While it’s preferable to be at the office for face-to-face interaction and meetings, telecommuting is becoming increasingly popular among many employers. With the Ottawa transit strike still affecting the city’s ability to get to and from work, there are many folks that now find themselves working a few days in their pajamas.

I decided to work from home today because I have a follow-up appointment this afternoon with the surgeon that performed my mucosal cyst removal back in December. Rather than trying to find someone to give me a lift from the office and having to fight heavy traffic going East, I’ve decided to save time and frustration by working chez moi. There’s really no point going downtown if my appointment is closer to home. Thankfully my Mother has very generously agreed to chauffeur the patient today. I’m hoping that this appointment is strictly part of the procedure and not to divulge any ‘unpleasant’ finding from my biopsy. When I had the surgery, I was simply under the impression that the office would call me to let me know that all went well; I was not anticipating having to go in to see the doctor again. My fingers are crossed but I suppose that there’s no point in worrying for now.

Lunch break over now…back to work!

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F3rret said...

Yup, it's all those fantastic IT people that keep the VPN servers running. Those are good people. :)

I wish I had a PJ day today.