05 December 2008

That’s all she wrote…for now

After a lengthy meeting with the GG, Michaëlle Jean, yesterday morning at Government House, PM Stephen Harper was granted a proroguement of Parliament until January 26, 2009, when the Conservatives will present the federal budget – the earliest ever to be tabled in the House in Canadian history.

While I’m somewhat pleased with the GG’s decision to accept Harper recommendation, I was hoping for instant gratification by heading to the polls and letting Canadians have their say once more. This being said, I suppose proroguement was the lesser of three evils, hopefully allowing heads to cool over the coming weeks. This decision could kill off the idea for a coalition government, as already there appears to be some dissent and squabbling in the Liberal ranks.

Once again, Canadians are reminded that the Liberals are in no position to lead a coalition government. They need to fix their own problems within the party before even attempting to tackle the major challenges that Canadians are facing. How can you trust a party that can’t even trust one another?

As for Bob Rae leading the campaign march for the coalition, who is he kidding? Does nobody remember the giant mess that he created back in 1990 as the first NDP premier of Ontario? Funny how he’s a Liberal now, vying for leadership in federal politics…once a creep, always a creep.

Despite the GG’s decision to prorogue Parliament and give Harper an opportunity to ‘present his case’ on January 26, many in the proposed coalition are still hell-bent on toppling the government with a vote of no confidence. My fear is that bruised egos will reign over reason. Even if Harper does present a reasonable budget, it is likely that the Liberals, NDP and the Bloc will vote him down simply out of spite and a renewed hated stemming from yesterday’s narrow escape. If the vote of no confidence is passed, it is then up to Mrs. Jean to invite the coalition to form a government or to send Canadians back to the polls in a federal election.

After the political circus that Canadians have been witnessing over of past few weeks, it is difficult to know where one stands anymore. All this nonsense leaves me to wonder if anyone is fit to lead this nation of ours. One thing is still certain in my mind; a coalition would be disastrous at this point.

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