22 December 2008

Come sail away

Hubby and I have officially said arrivederci to our European vacation. On a positive note, however, I’m thrilled to report that we’ll be saying hola to Central America! In an odd turn of events, hubs and I are now booked on a seven-day Exotic Western Caribbean cruise onboard the NCL Spirit. The fun part - we leave in five weeks!

After deciding to cancel our over-ambitious European escape, I started searching for vacation alternatives that would scale back costs and allow us to still use our credit with United Airlines. Needless to say, I was very surprised to discover that a seven-day cruise is not only within budget, it’s also more economical than five days in Paris (our original fallback plan). Now I’ll get to see several different countries, with the benefit of living in luxury and having all my meals included. I can see how a cruise may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but there’s nothing quite like be surrounded by ocean or waking up in a new port everyday. This will be my third cruise with NCL – I guess you could say that I’m hooked now.

It may not be what hubby and I had originally planned, but I’d say it’s a pretty nice alternative for our last “hoorah”.


Day 1 – Depart New Orleans
Day 2 – At Sea
Day 3 – Costa Maya, Mexico
Day 4 – Santo Tomas De Catilla, Guatemala
Day 5 – Belize City, belizeDay 6 – Cozumel, Mexico
Day 7 – At Sea
Day 8 – Return New Orleans

I’m both excited and terrified by the idea of leaving from New Orleans. The crime has reached an unprecedented rate since Hurricane Katrina but it’s a city that has always fascinated me. Hubby and I decided to arrive in NO the day before the cruise departs. Hopefully we’ll be able to visit Bourbon Street in the daylight after we check into our hotel. Based on all that I’ve read lately, the city is still in dire need of development. I’m glad that I’ll be helping their economy out, even if it just a small amount. I hope that I’ll be able to take some great photos of the “Big Easy,” a deceiving moniker given the situation. High crime or not, however, nothing can keep be from venturing out to sample some “real” jambalaya!

Only 40 days left…
Now how to stay calm?

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