05 November 2008

I am a good wife...

Tonight I’m going to see Spamalot at the NAC with hubby. For those of you wacky folks that avidly followed Monty Python as children, you will undoubtedly know what I’m talking about. While I’ll admit that I enjoyed the actual T.V. show and short skits, I could never fully sink my teeth into the movies. Is it therefore any wonder that I’m a little dubious about a musical that is based on the infamous Holy Grail? Ni!

Don’t get me wrong folks; I love musicals and I enjoy getting out to the theatre as much as possible, but I’m more of a classics girl. I tend to enjoy stories with a deeper plot, something that I can really loose myself in or connect with the actors’ emotions. I just don’t see myself getting the same sense of fulfillment out of this production. On the other hand, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of light-hearted laugher. I do have a penchant for the absurd and, while I typically don’t seek it out through theatre, perhaps I’ll walk away loving Spamalot in the end.

Either way, I think hubby will owe me a few romantic movies of dramas out of this.

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