21 October 2008

Tough Love with Jari...

After a five-week hiatus from weight training (due to a wonky muscle pull the day before my brother’s wedding), last night I tentatively returned to my Get Ripped, Slim and Lean free weights DVD by Jari Love. Let’s just say that after an hour of straining muscles that had been otherwise dormant for a few weeks, I wasn’t exactly feeling the “love”. To be perfectly honest, I’m pretty damn sore this morning.

It’s hard to believe how quickly muscle mass can decrease if you don’t condition it on a regular basis. Before I injured my neck and shoulder, I was doing free weights two to three times each week, alternating with cardio every other day. I suppose I never realized how much more strength and stamina I had. I’ve kept the cardio up, but the weight lifting really does provide an added boost. Last night, I found myself struggling with weights that were manageable six weeks ago. I guess I’ll have to start at square one again and gradually build my strength back up.

In an attempt to keep my exercise regime “fresh,” I also started doing cardio kickboxing on Mondays during my lunch hour at work. While the class does provide a decent workout, there are too many people crammed into our small exercise facility. My workout if often interrupted as I have to keep distancing myself from encroaching classmates who, Lord love them, never seem to kick in the proper direction and always aim at my head. Hmmm…maybe that should tell me something….

Back to work now. It’s only 8:00 a.m. and I’m already dreaming of a warm bath and Epsom salts – it’s going to be a long and painful day.

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