20 October 2008

Sickest. House. Ever.

It seems that I say it every October, but I think hubby and I truly did outdo ourselves with the Halloween decorations this year. Apparatntly, according to the local children, we have been bestowed with the prestigious title of “sickest house in the neighbourhood.” No folks, this does mean that my household suffers from disease or ill health – allow me to translate for those of us that still think the word “cool” is really “hip”. Nowadays kids use the word “sick” to express awe or appreciation. So yes, my house being “sick” is actually high praise indeed!

As you have undoubtedly already deduced, hubs and I spent our entire weekend spooky-fying our home for our annual Fright Night party next Saturady and, of course, for All Hallows Eve itself. Not only do we transform the outside into a horror scene, the theme also makes its way indoors. We are quickly becoming “that family” on the street; don’t pretend you don’t know what I talking about…every street has one!

While I’m sure that some people think I should be committed, my rational for hand cutting eighty felt bats and building creepy pumpkin dudes is quite simple - I do it for the kids (okay…and my own inner child as well). For one night each year, I get to give the local children something special – a fun memory that they will hopefully be able to recount with friends and family well into their adult lives. As a kid, I always appreciated the people who went that extra mile to give us a thrill; I guess I see this as a way to pay it forward and inspire the next generation of twisted adults who enjoy scaring the bejesus out of little children.

The decorating is a ton of work, a bit of an investment and an eater of storage space, but its all worth it in the end when you see kids cycling past your house and slowing down to take a peak or stopping to stare. Needless to say, we had quite a few visitors drop by to examine our work yesterday. Dan found two little girls on our front lawn, pondering the authenticity of a ghost tied to our tree. It’s these types of moments that make the effort worth it.

Lord help me when I have my own children someday…

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