06 October 2008

The long and short of it...

I did it; I chopped of my scraggly mop and returned to my short roots. I was a little frightened once I got in the salon chair, but I decided to go with the flow and let the hair fall. In the end, I got exactly what I was hoping for, a choppy layered hairstyle very much à la Meg Ryan. It’s definitely more edgy and funky than my old long locks and I think it fits my personality to a tee. Thankfully, hubby was equally receptive to the chop….some guys are dead set against long hair on their wives, but mine loves me any old way or style (as it should be).

Last night I had my parents over for dinner and I was anxious to surprise my mother and see her reaction. After four years of long hair, several styles and experimentation, I think she was finally warming to my hair. Part of me was dreading that she would flat out admit, “I hate it!” Yes folks, no matter how old you are, you always value the acceptance of your mother; you can’t escape it and you don’t like to admit it, but it’s true nevertheless. Thankfully, she actually liked it, although she was quick to tell me that I now “look older.”

The real test comes tomorrow morning, when I actually try to style my hair myself. Try as I might, I can never replicate what my stylist does. I may be cursing my new hair in the end.

And now, the big reveal. Please note that my hair is 2-days old in this picture, so it’s not quite as nice or voluminous as when I left the salon. Verdict?


F3rret said...

Verdict: Hot!

Mike said...

Both parents approve your new hairdo and you can keep it. lol