02 October 2008

Jen goes Zen…

Move over Gumby, make way Gandhi; I’m embracing my inner chakra, I’m sporting my yuppie Lulu gear and I’m going to stretch, bend, twist and contort my way to a better me. Yes folks, I’m biting the hippy-dippy spiritual bullet…I’m starting Yoga classes today.

Like the conventional and pragmatic gal that I am, I always used to roll my eyes at the whole yoga craze. I’m not really one for inner peace, harmony and all that jazz. I guess some would argue that I’m not in tune with myself; I’ve never put much stock into spirituality per say. Instead, I view the world as a cynic or, as I like to call it, a realist. My practical attitude towards “inner balance” and exercise is based on the evidence that physical activity boosts endorphins which in turn makes me feel better – perhaps I’ve been hanging around scientists for too long. Try as I might, I’m not sure I can digest the more liberal ideas of self-transcendence or enlightenment; I’m too much of a facts junkie. When I see lbs. melting off my body or falling off the bathroom scale, that’s my sense of personal fulfillment! Being able to wear skinny jeans - that’s my inner peace!

All this cynicism aside, even the realist in me is attracted by the obvious physical benefits of yoga – increased flexibility, stronger muscles, better balance and overall toning. Have you even seen the lean and lithe body of a yoga instructor? Phenomenal!

Who knows, on top of improving my body, maybe I’ll discover a bit of my inner hippy. Either way, Thursdays are bound to become a physical, sensory and emotional overload as not only am I doing yoga during lunch hour, I’m also starting up another season of co-ed team volleyball in the evenings.

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Go Billy!