31 October 2008

Happy Halloween!

I almost yelled this at my peacefully slumbering husband before I slipped out of our room this morning.

Despite the fact that I’m closing in on my dirty thirties, there’s something about All Hallows Eve that manages to cut through whatever small amount of maturity or sensibility that I’ve acquired since childhood. As a matter of fact, I believe I enjoy October 31st more now than when I was six. I suppose it’s because today is the one day where it’s acceptable to throw caution to the wind and get away with looking and acting just a wee bit bizarre. For a fairly conservative / suit-toting business gal, the prospect of “going nuts” has its appeal. Add on a heaping dose of OCD and you’ve got yourself a bona fide Halloween junkie, not to mention the neighbourhood ‘freak lady’.

I was a bit jealous this morning seeing hubby all decked out in his punk costume to head to work. He’s an IT guy at a private E-Commerce company, so the dress code and mentality is a little more laidback. Heck, I’ve even seen the founder and CEO dressed as a pirate before. No such luck where I work in the Government. I could dress up but I’m sure I’d get some eye rolls. It’s hard enough being taken serious sometimes when you’re in your twenties and everyone else is about 20+ years older than you. For my own personal gratification though, I am still sporting dark black nails, neon pink skull earrings, jeans and a black blazer - just a slight rocker edge. Besides, I’ll always be punk in my own mind…

Can’t wait to get home this evening and put the whole haunting into effect. Hubs and I are going to try to leave work a little earlier this afternoon in order to setup the final details (thank God for leftover vacation time). It’s going to be a busy night and we will probably have to man the door in shifts as we both have to get ready for another Halloween party this evening at a friend’s house. Thankfully this couple lives close by, just a quick five-minute jaunt through the field in our backyard and we’re at their doorstep. We usually close down shop at 8:00 pm because most of the younger kids have already visited, so we should still have ample time to kick back with a few cold ones and celebrate yet another successful year of terrifying the local hobgoblins.

People keep asking me for photos of our exterior décor. If time permits, I will try to snap a few photos of all the little details this evening.

Happy Halloween folks! Enjoy but stay safe and sensible.

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