17 October 2008

Great balls of fire…

Goodness! Gracious! The BWE managed to pull off yet another three-game sweep last evening. It wasn’t our best team effort but thankfully we managed to keep it together to squeak by with the lead. One month into the season, I am proud to report that we are still the top ranked out of twelve teams.

Despite last night’s victory, we really weren’t on top of our game. Perhaps we’re getting over confident? For some odd reason, nobody was calling the ball (myself included on occasion). If we want to keep this lead going, we’re going to have to learn to communicate better as a team. Yes, we are in this for “fun”, but we will soon start to lag behind if get too comfortable and laissez fair. Hubby coined in beautifully last night during a rousing team pep-talk, delivered moments after we almost lost our second match. “Okay guys, so we really sucked in those first to games,” he decreed, “Time to stop sucking now, okay?” Eloquent, eh? That’s my hubby!

All joking aside, it’s a damn good thing hubby brought his A-Game last night because he managed to win us that brutal second match with some good and consistent serves. Poor guy, the pressure was really on when he came up to serve for game point. I watched him pace the floor, turning purple with nerves and praying all the while that he wouldn’t flub the serve. When the ball sailed over net and the other team missed the return, hubby erupted into what can only be described as the zaniest victory dance I have ever seen. Picture a high hanging jump, one arm raised high it the air (roping motion), while riding an invisible pony. Take a moment to savour that image…hilarious!

Last night our team also welcomed the addition of a new female player. Thank goodness we have another lady among us, because now we won’t need to scramble to find a replacement anytime one of us women is ill or MIA. The new girl seems to be a solid player and quite tall as well, which is definitely an advantage! She’s an absolute vixen at the net and was getting in some great blocks…sigh…oh to be taller!

So far so good for the BWE. With a little more vigilance and practice, hopefully we can keep the wins coming.

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F3rret said...

That's hilarious, I had no idea that's what it looked like. Something like this?:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GgYxeoDnbik .