16 September 2008

Confessions of a girly girl

It’s not often that I will readily or publicly admit that I’m a “girly girl,” so bear with me because this is a pretty big step for me. I’ve tried to avoid it, I’m not overly proud of myself, but even I have to face up to the truth eventually.

So just how girly am I? Let’s just say that I have a certain fondness for shoe shopping and a very good relationship with E-Bay vendors. But perhaps even more frightening is my recent interest in purses. Today I finally caved in and shed my conventional black rucksackesque bag (purposeful but about as lively a as a funeral), for an adorable purple patent leather faux snakeskin purse. I just couldn’t resist and I swear to God I could hear her calling my name in the store. Yes, that’s right, I did call my purse “her”…actually I have gone even further and named her “Bella.”

I am mildly frightened by the fact that a purse can make me feel so giddy – it’s one of those stereotypes that I hate to live up to. But she really is very, very pretty! And at $50, she didn't break the bank. Thankfully, I haven't quite made it to the point where I would shell out $300 for a designer purse - I'm not THAT girly!

1 comment:

F3rret said...

Purse for you means a videogame for me... I'll take that trade!

Rock Band 2 was a game for "us", by the way. Not "me". :)