20 August 2008

A sport for all seasons

As summer draws to a close, so too does my first successful season of beach volleyball. When hubby and I signed up for the recreational league with friends back in June, we had no idea that we would grow to enjoy the sport as much as we do now. We decided to play because (a) it was an activity we could do together, (b) it would be a great way to keep fit while seeing friends and (c) to hopefully spark some remote sense of interest in team sports. Thankfully, our decision did not disappoint. As we get set to play our last game on Sunday, we can’t help but wish that the season could last a little longer.

While playing beach volleyball outside is not exactly conducive to Ottawa’s cooler months, the Ottawa Sport and Social Club does offer indoor volleyball starting this September. Eager to keep playing, hubby and I are hoping to sign up for the fall season; so far most of our existing team seems interested in continuing. While indoor volleyball may be more limiting (I.e. Much harder to dig and dive without the sand), it will probably force us to become better players. Without the advantage of beach volleyball’s endless ceiling, we’ll have to work on cleaner /lower serves, smoother passes and better positioning on the court. The play is a little more strict but it should help us hone in on some good skills for the next summer season...then watch out!

Can you tell I’m excited much? Personally, I’m just thrilled that hubs and I have a shared interest in some form of sport! I guess that’s one of the wonderful things about being older - you have a renewed sense of confidence and self worth that allows you try new things without feeling embarrased or uncool. I was personally lacking that sports-centric ambition and confidence as an adolescent. It almost seems a shame that now, as an adult, I would give anything to have gym class enforced in the middle of my workday ; in high school, it was the one part of the day that I could have happily done without. Better late than never, I suppose.

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