22 May 2008

Flower child craves weekend

I’m living proof that some people are just never satisfied. Despite the fact that this is a short work week and I had Monday off for Victoria Day, I’m already whining and pining for the weekend to get here. I have no idea why I crave weekends so much, as I inevitably end up working my tookus off and returning to the office more tired than when I left it on Friday. It seems that the merry month of May will be no exception with all the yard and home improvement projects. I suppose I have no conceivable right to complain because the bulk of my exhaustion is self-created; I’d probably die of boredom if I sat still for a day.

Despite the fact that the long weekend was somewhat hit and miss with the weather, hubby and I managed to motor our way through most of the landscaping. Last Friday we worked well into the evening, cutting sod and hauling clay until the mosquitoes attacked us with ravenous frenzy. Luckily we were able to get the soil to a ‘workable’ state and I was able to plant the rest of my perennials on Saturday morning before a storm blew in. On Sunday I woke up at 7:00 am to brilliant sunshine and once again spent the bulk of my time outside, building a stone wall around my ugly front tree. Have you ever tried to level heavy stones on an incline? Seriously not fun! Thankfully the end result isn’t too ghetto; it at least looks like we had some sort of plan unlike many of the other homes around us. I think I’ve been watching too much Holmes on Homes because I cannot abide slapdash jobs and shoddy workmanship, it can really ruin the look and appeal of a neighborhood. It seems that “pride of ownership” does not apply to everyone. I am a firm believer that a little (done properly) can go a long way; it doesn’t necessarily require a lot of money, it just takes a bit of forethought and effort.

Fortunately, this weekend looks a bit brighter and warmer. Hopefully I’ll be able to pot some annuals and do a bit more work on my edging in the back beds. I’m also hankering to setup a workshop in the garage and build a few planters out of leftover wood from the deck. I’ve really taken to this whole gardening thing like a proverbial duck to water. I’m a 27 year old with the heart of a grandma; you should see my sexy weekend attire: large straw sun hat, polka dot work gloves, muddy runners and an old work shirt with track pants. Before you know it, I’ll be talking to my Hydrengeas and organizing High Tea in the garden. …can’t wait!

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Jenn said...

were waiting for our house, i cant even wait to be able to plant flowers:)