08 May 2008

Feeding my appetite for self discovery

By now most readers have probably deduced that my blog is comprised of a haphazard mishmash of themes and ramblings; in fact, you really don’t need to venture further than the title to figure that one out…

This being said, one topic that pops up time and again is food and my unyielding passion for stuffing my face. While I cannot proclaim myself to be an absolute whiz in the kitchen, I can at least give myself brownie points (pun intended) for my willingness to learn, experiment and use my poor unsuspecting husband and family as guinea pigs. Since becoming a homeowner I have turned from an avid meat and potato casserole junkie to what I would now consider a fledgling foodie. I do not slave over the stove every evening painstackingly concocting culinary masterpieces (I work people), but I have made it my own personal misson to try at least one new recipe a week. It does not matter whether the meal is easy or complex to prepare, it simply has to be ‘interesting’.

I recently came across a new food website that was started by Irish chef, Niall Harbison, who spent years cutting his teeth in some of Europe’s top restaurants and later moved on to become a private chef to the rich and famous onboard super yachts…not a bad gig if you ask me! After honing in on experience and building a repertoire of some pretty tantalizing dishes, Niall returned to Ireland (lucky lad) to setup iFoods.tv, a fun and funky website that allows food lovers around the globe to share tips, recipes and upload personal cooking videos. It’s a unique portal to culinary self-discovery and not at all intimidating for the fledgling foodie like myself. The FREE site also offers a wide variety of professionally produced video cooking tutorials from top class chefs. It’s like having your very own 24/7 food crisis line with access to personal chefs… much less daunting or cumbersome than the old recipe books that collect dust in countless household kitchens, not to mention far less vague.

So with this new discovery, I ask readers to please be patient and oblige my new little obsession. I may be trying out a few more recipes and posting them here for folks to try. That being said, I still promise to deliver the same quantity and caliber of inane ramblings to my blog…becaue I really am “that” interesting and I know that you await my updates with bated breath. Don’t fret, I could never truly enter the dedicated realm of food blogging; I lack the discipline not to mention the countertop space! I also have too many other strange thoughts swirling around in my head that need to escape in some form of creativity. Sorry folks, interpretive dancing is not my thing so you will still have to settle for my quirky writing.

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