06 April 2008

Now commencing hour five in the kitchen…

It’s Sunday and I have been slaving away in the kitchen for five hours now. Once again, I find myself wondering if I have bitten off more than I can chew...quite literally. However, despite being tired and immensely dirty, I am pleased to say that my tropical-inspired birthday menu is off to a phenomenal start. The lemon-lime citrus cake is complete, the pineapples and peppers are cut, and the homemade jerk seasoning is ready to go. I still can’t get over the sheer quantity of ingredients that goes into the marinade, ridiculous but hopefully worth it in the end. Thankfully, hubby has now taken pity on me and is chopping the rest of the veggies for the southern rice pilaf….did I mention that I love him?!? Sadly, I was unable to find some Alaberino at the LCBO, so I opted for several other bottles of Niagara wines that hubs and I have been eager to try.

Looks like this won’t be a waistline friendly day after all…oh well.

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