03 April 2008

The melt is on

At long last, Spring finally seems to be on its way. The birds have started chirping in celebration and the temperature is gradually climbing past 0ยบ; we may even reach double digits by the weekend. For the first time in months, we can finally pass two cars down my street…God bless life’s simple pleasures.

With the end of winter in sight, it seems as though everyone in the city has an added bounce to their step. It’s hard not to smile just a little bit more or take a few extra minutes to make pleasantries with the other revelers of Spring. Seriously…I’ve been walking around at lunch hour with a huge smile plastered on my face - dorky, yes, but much preferable to my foul, troll-like disposition of February.

Here’s hoping that the evil word, “snow,” will soon become a distant memory. With any luck the sun will be out and all will be melted by the time I’m back from vacation.

And now, to make you completely envious, here is a picture of hubs and I “living the hard life” exactly one year ago in Antigua. Only 22 more days until we’re doing the same in Mexico!

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