05 April 2008

Far too reflective for a Saturday morning

It’s Saturday morning and I’m perfectly content sitting in the quiet, sipping my coffee in an oversized bathrobe. Hubby is still trying to catch a few more Zzzzs, but 8:00 a.m. seems to be my limit. It’s not that I wouldn’t love to sleep more; my body just won’t let me. I envy Dan’s ability to sleep like the dead…even the slightest noise wakes me and then I will typically abandon all hope and just haul myself out of bed. Oh well, it is kind of nice being the first person up and having the stillness of the house about me.

The weekend is gearing up to be sunny and beautiful with lots of melting and temperatures in the double digits. I tried to get most of the laundry and housecleaning out of the way last evening so that I can get out and about today and enjoy some sorely-needed fresh air. With only three weekends left until vacation, I have a huge list of things to buy…shirts, dresses, shoes, sunglasses, etc. My weight loss left me with next to no summer clothes. On one hand I’m very pleased, but on the other it’s very aggravating to see a closet full of gorgeous new clothes that I bought for the cruise last year, all way to huge on me now - what a waste! Thankfully, I received lots of gift certificates for my birthday so that will help cover some of the cost. That’s the one downside to getting fit…it’s expensive!

No other huge plans brewing this weekend. Dan and I are going to see an old friend that’s in from Calgary visiting her parents. She recently had a gorgeous little baby girl, so it will be nice to see the two of them this evening. Many of our friends have hopped on board the baby train lately (not me – not yet), and it’s really fascinating to watch everyone become parents - these are people we attended elementary of high school with, when we no more than children ourselves. It definitely reminds us that time is marching on and that we really are getting older, albeit reluctantly at times.

Speaking of getting older, tomorrow is Mom’s 61st birthday and Dad will be turning the big 65 one week later. Hard to believe they’re in their 60s now; in my mind I often still see them as hail and hearty at 40. It’s as though I’ve captured their image from my childhood and it is difficult to acknowledge the fact that they really have changed a good deal over the past several years. Aging is inevitable unfortunately and I guess that’s why it’s so important to celebrate each precious year and moment that we have on this earth. Birthdays should be marked as an achievement or blessing, rather than a somber reminder of just another year gone.

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Melissa said...

I was cruisin' around, searching for others doing a "Bikini Body Countdown" and came across your blog!
I'm a redhead too btw.
I ALSO have frozen my parents ages in time. I think of them as 40 & 41 and that was 10 years ago. :)