22 January 2008

Succulent scraps

Sunday dinner yielded yet another success. The Tuskinny Chicken was very tasty and I can easily see myself cooking it again. My only reservation was that it wasn’t spicy enough for my warped taste buds, something that could easily be remedied with some crushed red pepper flakes. If you’re not a fan of ‘hot,’ however, the recipe is great as is!

I now find myself in the enviable position of having a fridge-load of yummy leftovers. For the longest time, before I started eating healthier, hubby and I could never keep leftovers in the house. I was always determined to split the food evenly between the two of us and eat every last morsel on my plate. Since scaling back my gargantuan portions, and eating as the good Lord intended me to, I can now stretch my Sunday dinners out over a few days. Typically, we’ll eat something different on Monday to break things up, but Tuesday is now becoming our leftovers night. The piece de rĂ©sistance - one night less of cooking during the week!

As much as I love my weekend forays in the kitchen, I’m a good deal less enthusiastic on weekdays. After getting up at 5:30 in the morning, working all day and getting home at 6:00 in the evening, to say that I’m pooped would be an understatement. Because I can only schedule my workouts in the evenings, I typically have the challenge of trying to cook and eat quickly. If I spend too long dallying over preparation, I don’t leave myself enough time to eat and digest. The longer I spend in the kitchen, the later I start my workout; the later I start my workout, the later I go to bed. It can get tedious.

As much as I hate the idea of becoming “Casserole Queen,” there really is something to be said for preparing weeknight meals in advance. Less stress, less fuss and more time to do the things that you often neglect. Who knew that such a simple solution could be found in the bottom of my Tupperware? Tonight, I‘ll get to rest!

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Hilary said...

Hi Jen! I'm glad you're writing again.
Here's a suggestion for slow-cooker cooking:
We prepare the meal the night before, and then put the slow cooker (we only have a small one) in the fridge, and plug it in before we leave for work in the morning.