10 January 2008

Feelin’ swoony …

Yesterday, I managed to make myself look like an utter numbskull at the Doctor’s office.

I was in for a consult with a new OB/GYN (no I’m not pregnant folks, I’m just making just everything is in working order), and after being poked and prodded for an hour I was sent for some routine blood work.

I have no idea why needles seem to affect me. I’m never really nervous, I don’t find them painful and I’m always a calm and agreeable patient - years of practice as the daughter of a nurse. I can’t say I enjoy needles, but I certainly don’t get freaked out like some people Unfortunately, while I can mentally prepare myself for a needle, the physiological side of things sometimes goes out of whack.

After contentedly chatting with the phlebotomist while watching the blood flow out of my arm (yes, I do enjoy taking a peek), I felt fit as a fiddle. However, the moment I stood up to leave, I got that horrible familiar feeling of uneasiness: bright lights, far off voices and light as a feather. I could feel the blood draining from my face and I knew it was a matter of sitting down quickly or falling flat on my face. Experience has taught me to take seat on the nearest available surface the moment I get dizzy. My father once found me knocked out cold, naked on the bathroom floor…an experience I never want to relive again.

Just before I started to have my little fainting episode, a Dr. walked into the blood clinic and I recognized him instantly. He is the father of an old friend in junior high, someone I hadn’t seen in about 10 years. There’s nothing quite like introducing yourself to someone, only to almost pass out on them a few seconds later…quite embarrassing.

After being ushered off to an examination room to have a little rest and eat a lollipop (to get my blood sugar up), the Dr. took my blood pressure so see how I was doing. Upon reading a measly 90 over 50 (a decent range for an 8-year old child but not for a fully grown woman), he took pity on me and decided to drive me home. I guess God was smiling down on me because I’m not sure how I would have managed the 20 minute walk home in the rain and cold. Typically I’m not one to accept help, but I was very glad for it yesterday!

There’s something so upsetting about almost passing out; it makes me feel like a weakling. It just goes to show you that, no matter how well you take care of yourself, you just never know how your body will react from one moment to the next. As I’m quickly discovering, I should probably just have a gurney and chauffeur standing by when it’s needle time.

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