17 January 2007

Manners…a thing of the past?

What is it with people these days? Have we really become completely lost in our own self interest? I thought I had more hope for society, but my bus ride into work this morning has convinced me otherwise.

Typically, I try to catch an express route in the morning but luck was not on my side. Instead, I was stuck onboard the city’s main East-West bus which I usually try to avoid like the plague.

Despite boarding at the beginning of the route, the seats filled up instantly. Luckily, I was able to score myself a spot at the middle of the long articulated bus. Needles to say, I was happy to find a seat…at 5’2” standing on a crowded bus can be a real issue…especially when claustrophobia kicks in…fun times!

No more than 2 minutes after the bus rolled away, I noticed a mother and her little boy standing in the aisle near the front. Immediately, maternal instinct (who knew?) kicked in as I saw the scared little tyke wobbling around on unsteady legs. Incredulously, I watched as people deliberately ignored the stumbling child and weary mother. Young students, perfectly capable of standing, feigned sleep, while men, the so-called chivalrous sex, buried their noses deeper into the morning paper.

When it became obvious that nobody was willing to help, I stood from my seat and flagged down the mother. She thanked me profusely as her little boy scrambled to the seat. When did such a simple gesture become so demanding? When did common courtesy become a rarity? When did we become so selfish that we would put our own comfort above the safety of a child?

What a sad world we live in!

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