06 November 2006

Le Weekend

The weekend is over and I can’t help but feel somewhat disgruntled. Sadly, Daniel and I were not able to get into the annual Food & Wine Show on Saturday. It turns out that half of Ottawa had the same idea in mind. One look at the three-hour queue in the freezing cold, and I knew that it wouldn’t be happening for us this year….le sigh!

Luckily, we were able to meet up with some friends and had the last laugh as we sat drinking wine in a warm apartment. Who needs lineups for samples, when there’s a huge LCBO just around the corner? And so…we killed a few bottles while watching a Dane Cook DVD. If you haven’t seen this comedian, you need to! I’m not sure whether it was him or the wine, but I laughed until my stomach hurt. Classic!

The rest of the weekend was spent cleaning our horrendous mess of a basement. Everyone who comes to visit the new place always remarks upon its cleanliness…little do they know that we have been shoving everything into the unfinished portion of the house. Unfortunately, however, it is not a simple case of “out of sight, out of mind,” because this also doubles as our laundry room.

I love my husband; he’s a wonderful, brilliant and caring man. This being said, he is also a terrible packrat! I am quickly discovering that we have a strong difference in opinion when it comes to deciding what is “useful” and what is not. Several boxes of ancient computer parts does not seem logical to me, but alas…we still have them! Some battles are not worth fighting.

With a few heavy duty shelves, some boxes and a ton of compromise, we managed to take reign of our basement once more. I am proud to say, we can see our floor again and I now have a clear path to the washing machine and clothes line.

Next weekend: more cleaning! The snow is coming and we need to fit our car into our tiny hole of a garage. With all this newfound space in the basement, I have a feeling that we will be chucking our garage clutter down there for the winter. One solution leads to another problem and we are right back to where we started…go figure. At least we tried!

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