02 November 2006

Booze, ghouls and hordes of chocolate

I am proud to say that Daniel and I have successfully survived our first Halloween. We had both been awaiting the big day with childlike anticipation for the past month. Nothing short of tacky, our front yard was decorated to the hilt: tombstones, glowing footprints, intricately carved pumpkins, skeletons, spider webs, red lights, a goblin and (la piece de résistance) a fog machine! Pair all of this with spooky music, and you have a veritable fright fest! We would have done the Griswolds proud.

Despite the fact that Daniel and I still live near a construction zone, not to mention the fact that we are surrounded by selfish “Halloween Scrooges,” we ended up doing remarkably well for our first year of haunting. We managed to attract roughly 40 kids, many who were on route to the more developed streets further down. Next year I anticipate our numbers will double; can’t wait!

And now…time to vent… What is it with people who hide at home and close their lights on Halloween?!? I can understand not handing out candy if you live in an older neighborhood where there are few children, but in a young community replete with kids?!? Our development is literally crawling with little ones, yet I was amazed to see how many houses ‘clearly’ weren’t participating in Halloween. Is it really so difficult to hand out candy for an hour? You don’t even have to make that much of an effort, just a small inexpensive bag of candy will do!

When I think back to my childhood, I have such fond memories of Halloween. My brother and I would go out “Trick or Treating” for hours. It seemed as though all the houses in our neighborhood were decorated, people made more of an effort and went out of their way to give the kids something special. I can’t help but feel as though the children of today are being cheated. It seems as though everyone is less charitable these days…or maybe this is all due to the fact that more parents are working?

Some people may roll their eyes at Daniel and I for spending so much on Halloween, but we think it’s a worthwhile investment. Can you put a price on giving a child good memories? For me, there is nothing more rewarding than knowing that we have made a kid laugh or made his/her experience a little more exciting. I want us to be known as that “cool” and zany couple who always do something special each holiday. Oddly enough, these are the kinds of things that children remember…

End of rant….

In other news, Dan and I held our first official Halloween / house party over the weekend. Not too shabby for our first attempt at hosting 17 people – stellar costumes, spooky lighting and plenty of homemade munchies and drink (three cheers for hubby’s minty champagne punch). Dan and I are blessed with wonderfully creative friends who aren’t afraid to throw themselves into character. As extra encouragement, we decided to design a trophy for best costume. It was a tight race between Tony Clifton (Man on the Moon) and a drag figure skater…très inquiétant! Kudos to Jasen (a.k.a. Tony) for winning the top prize…that swagger was WAY too natural!

For your enjoyment…some of our enthusiastic party goers…

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