26 October 2006

Boo Toronto!

I repeat, “Boo Toronto!” For many Ottawa residents, this becomes a familiar chant during the cooler months. That’s right folks, hockey season is back and guess who will be sitting in a corporate box for tonight’s game vs. the Leafs??? Meeeeee!

Sadly, I can’t take credit for these great seats…but my awesome husband can! One of the many perks of working in IT for a private company is that you can actually accept gifts from clients. Seeing as Dan recently purchased a whole whack of equipment from a vendor, they are rewarding him with highly sought-after tickets to tonight’s game. It is my unfortunate duty, as his wife, to accompany him to this evening of fully-catered / cushy bliss. Sometimes, I don’t know how I manage….

I’m hoping that I will be able to contain myself at tonight’s game. I tend to get…animated!?! Something tells me that I’ll have to refrain from my usual colourful language. I may have the advantage of anonymity among the other spectators in the box, but Dan actually has to do business with these people. Oh yes...I’ll smile sweetly and say all the right things, but on the inside I will be seething with my hatred for our opponents! "Boo Toronto!”

Cross your fingers, hope we slaughter them again!

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