11 July 2006

Boxes, boxes and more boxes!

I hate packing! I cannot comprehend how some people move every few years…by choice!

The bulk of the weekend was spent stuffing boxes and bags with all my worldly possessions. It amazed me to discover how much junk I’ve collected over 25 years…especially clothing! A little part of me cried inside, thinking about all the money I could have saved if only I had been a little wiser. I guess that’s the frivolity of youth. Sadly, some people never seem to grow out of it.

Right now my parents’ house looks like a disaster zone. I’ve pretty much taken over all available space. Despite the fact that they aren’t dealing well over the “loss” of their last child, I think they will be happy to have their house back.

Only three more sleeps until Daniel and I move. It seems we’ve been counting down the days forever now. I must admit, I’ll miss Dan’s enthusiastic morning phone calls to declare, “Only ____ days left!”

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