23 June 2006

Sweet Friday Is Here At Last!

I’m in one of those dorky, smiley good moods today. The sun is shining, the temperature is gorgeous, and I’m looking forward to an enjoyable weekend.

Not too much on the plate over the next few days - birthday shopping for Daniel tonight and a small celebration with friends tomorrow at one of our local pubs. Thank the Good Lord for birthdays…looks like we’ll end up getting a few extras that we need for the house. Once again I am amazed by the generosity of family. Maybe a lawn mower, BBQ and microwave aren’t exciting to most folks, but we’re pretty ecstatic!

My parents’ basement looks like the aftermath of a tornado. There are boxes and random items strewn about everywhere. Originally, Dan and I packed everything into boxes, but any additional purchases have been thrown wherever they will fit. I’m starting to wonder whether we would have been better off just buying things after the move. Oh well, looks like we’ll be able to setup home right away! Even then, I’m sure we’ll move in and still find that we’re missing things. I have an inkling that we’ll be saying things like, “Crap…we don’t have a hose to water the new lawn!” or “Honey, where’s the garbage can?”

On Sunday, I am going to continue my quest to get ride of the 25 years worth of garbage that I have accumulated. I am bound and determined to toss all junk and prevent myself from brining superfluous items into the house. I’m a pretty good organizer and binge cleaner, so the task shouldn’t be too hard. Hubby-to-be, however, is a notorious packrat. I wish him luck with his cleaning!

My mother always told me to choose my battles carefully, but I cannot relinquish my hatred for clutter! I’ve already told Dan that I will wring his neck if I see boxes upon boxes of old computer junk enter the house. He is still trying to convince me that old systems are considered vintage and are thus cool. Somehow, I just do see the purpose or aesthetic value of having an old Commodore on display.

Okay….maybe the Nintendo gun and Duck Hunt can stay…
Quack, Quack, Bang, Bang, Woof, Woof...

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