19 June 2006

I hate clowns…so looking like one IS NOT cool!

This past weekend was nothing short of amusing! I decided to bite the bullet and book a makeup trial for the wedding. I’m usually pretty comfortable doing my own makeup, but I figured, “Why not? Let’s see if someone else can do any better.” As it turns out, maybe I should go business…

After 30 minutes of sitting on display at one of the makeup counters at the Bay, I wasn’t very pleased when I looked at myself in the mirror. Scary, that was the only way to describe it. Despite the fact that I had told the woman that I do not enjoy layers of pancake makeup or foundation, she decided to cover up my almost-flawless complexion anyways. I guess that freckles aren’t cool?!?

I had to suppress a laugh when the woman started bragging about her application skills. It took a ton of willpower to keep a straight face when she showed me the mirror. My eye shadow was barely visibly, except for a random mauve smudge in the corners and mascara smears under the eye. What was truly terrible, however, was the blotchy and super shiny tint to my face...almost like a scary Oompa-Loompa on crack (Will Wonka reference there..fyi)

I could tell that Daniel also had the same terrified reaction when he walked into the store.
Both of us really should get into acting! The performnace was deserving of an Oscar.

Luckily, all the trial cost me was a small purchase - $18 for an eyebrow pencil that I needed anyways. When the woman at the counter asked me if I would like to schedule an appointment for the wedding day, I told her I would call her if interested. She may not get my business for the wedding…but I am considering her services for Halloween.

Even Simmons had more symmetry to his look! (see above)

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