08 May 2006

Inspection woes

Exciting times. Dan and I went to see the house last night and ended up meeting our new neighbour. He’s fairly young and seems to be a nice enough guy, so hopefully all will go well. Seeing as we bought a semi-detached, we are hoping that we won’t have to share our driveway and dividing wall with a nut case. Time will tell I guess….

FH and I are currently having inspection issues with our developer. Last week I scheduled our pre-delivery inspection for the afternoon of May 12th. The woman doing the booking was very accommodating. She put us with a different inspector than usual, because the regular couldn’t fit into our schedule. It was very important that we booked a time where both of our parents would be available to come to inspection with us. Five sets of eyes are better than two!

This morning I got a call from the inspector that weren’t booked with. He told me that we would have to reschedule with him. I explained to him, that we had our inspection scheduled with the other inspector. This seemed to confuse him, so he told me that he would clarify the situation. He then calls back two minutes later and tells me that it is him that will be doing the inspection. At this point I’m fuming! I’m told to reschedule for a later date, early in the morning when me and FH’s parents won’t be available. Meanwhile, I’m still convinced that our original appointment for the 12th is still on. Somehow, they must have gotten their wires crossed. Either way, very frustrating for us! I’ve given up on dealing with all the confusing issues that come up. FH is now taking his turn in dealing with it. The joys of buying a new home!

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