11 May 2006

Daily scoop...

May is a crazy, crazy month! In addition to my hectic personal life, there's a lot going on here at work right now. Our organization is going through a process of renewal so there is a great deal of apprehension about the security of some peoples’ jobs. I am fairly confident that my sector fits into the new plan however the overall uncertainty can really get under your skin after a while. As a communications officer, I will have to help disseminate the final word to staff members. All I can say is..."don't shoot the messenger!" I hope that everything pans out well for the organization. With a new government in place, it is difficult to know how much funding we can rely on.

In other news, FH finally managed to settle up the inspection issue with our developers. Neither of us understand how the mix up occurred, but in the end we were able to keep our initial appointment for tomorrow. Let’s just say that the good people at “Ashcroft” aren’t very good about returning phone messages. I only hope that they aren’t as tardy when it comes to fixing the problems that we will point out during inspection. The golden rule of new home ownership seems to be, “Keep after people!”

Leisure (maybe not..?)
Over the past year, FH and I have come to realize that we aren’t quite as young as we used to be. We aren’t old by any stretch of the imagination, however we do seem to be a little more prone to injuring ourselves. I started weight training again this week; the classes are offered at work every Tuesday at noon. While I do regularly lift weights at home, I clearly have been neglecting certain muscle groups. My armpits and sides are soooooo sore right now. Putting deodorant even hurts! FH is in even worse shape than me; he pulled something in his back yesterday at Jujitsu. Poor guy is laid-up at home right now, zonked out on Robaxacet. Why do we pay $$$ to injure ourselves??? I guess it’s fear of the dreaded middle-age spread.

FH and I had our first meeting with the deacon who will now be presiding over our wedding ceremony. After the troubling issues that we had with the priest that was originally assigned to us, I became paranoid about every single aspect of the ceremony. I was fearful of doing anything that might even minutely be construed as irreverent. Luckily, the deacon quickly put my concerns at bay. I’m now confident about everything and am glad that we’ve decided to have the shorter Catholic ceremony. It is still considered the Sacrament of Marriage in the eyes of the Church, yet we have a little more room to breath and involve friends and family. The sky’s the limit now!

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