03 May 2006

Calendar girl

Lunchtime at last! This is about the only time of the day that I have a chance to take a breather. It looks like rain is threatening, so I’ll have to hold off on my usual walk. Lucky you…a new blog entry for your perusal!

I have to admit, I’m pretty surprised by the response that my blog is getting from family and friends. As it turns out, my father has been emailing everyone he knows with links to my wedding website and blog.. So to all of you who I haven’t seen in ages…howdy! Hope you’re all doing well!

May is gearing up to be a busier month than anticipated. My day planner is turning out to be a real godsend lately. Much to my chagrin, I’ve become one of those annoying people who says, “Let me pencil you in,” anytime I’m asked to do something.

For the past three weeks, I’ve been battling with my new bank over opening new accounts and transferring balances over from my old bank. If anyone ever tries to push the “Easy Switch” service on you…kindly tell them where they can shove it! This is supposed to be a seamless process where the new bank closes out accounts at your previous institution and transfers all the money for you. All you have to do is provide them with account numbers and your permission to proceed. Sounds perfect right??? Wrong!!! This turned out to be a three-week long period of waiting and anxiety, during which I had no access to my money or knowledge of where the balance was floating.
Thankfully, the money was transferred last evening. It is still difficult to pinpoint where the holdup occurred. Thank God I wasn’t paying a mortgage yet! If you ever have to switch banks, do it the old fashioned route; close the accounts yourself and get a cheque from the bank. Maybe I’m over reacting, but it’s pretty scary not knowing where your money is! I’ll chalk this one up to experience.

The house is approaching completion now and FH and I have a pre-delivery inspection scheduled for May 12th. Little does the developer know, we have been sneaking into the house periodically to sniff out any potential problems. Last week my parents went to see the house with FH and I, and we were surprised to see that the patio door was unlocked. This gave us a chance to see the house before we meet with the inspector – an added bonus as we have already started making our list of “fix it” items. Overall, the house looks wonderful, but there are also your typical areas of sloppy craftsmanship. It’s very disheartening because developers don’t seem to care about quality anymore. I suppose this is one of the problems that comes with subcontracting various projects to smaller companies. Either way, we’ll have the “dream team” of critics helping us out during the walk-through. (a.k.a. mom, dad and future FIL). It’s a pretty discerning crowd…the poor inspector doesn’t know what he’s in for!

Wedding planning has really reached its pinnacle. FH and I meet with the wedding coordinator tomorrow to go over specific plans. We also meet with our deacon on Saturday to finalize the ceremony. While we are still four months away from the wedding, I’m anxious to get things planned straight away. Hopefully I’ll be able to start on wedding programs next week. I realize that I’m probably making a ton of work for myself, but its fun to have a creative outlet. Lord only knows what will happen after the wedding. I’ll probably rock back and forth on the floor babbling incoherently about ribbons, glue and pretty paper. The withdrawal will not be pretty!

My first official dress fitting with the seamstress has been booked for June 9th. I’m looking forward to seeing what ideas she has, but nervous to see the bill. At 5’2”, you know that a good deal of hemming will need to be done. It always amazes me that littler people have to pay more for everything. Even if they made dresses with less material, they would still charge more for it. You figure it out…..

End of rant….back to work.

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