12 April 2006

home sweet home...almost

FH and I went to visit our house yesterday to see if work had progressed over the past week. Much to our surprise, not only was the brick on, but the workers also forgot to lock our garage door. SCORE! We haven't been able to get inside for the past month, ever since they started doing the dry walling.

Upon our discovery, we rushed back home to grab the camera to take a couple of shots before the sunset. Luckily when we got back to the site, the door was still unlocked and nobody was around to witness us sneaking around. Sounds strange, but we’re not supposed to be there at all. When we signed our purchase and sales agreement, we agreed to a condition that we would not enter the house while under construction. Yeah right! This is our first home – like we’re not going to go and see it!

I’m so pleased with the way everything looks so far. I was shocked to see that the carpet was already done, as I assumed this would be one of the final details. Hope the workers don’t muddy my new carpets!!!!

And now for your viewing pleasure. Our beautiful baby, throuhgout her various stages of growth....

This spot looks good to me

7L- Where all the cool kids hang...

Sweet concrete

Can we move in yet?

How about now?

Not quite ready to cook in yet

That's more like it

And it has heating too..sort of...

Almost there now

I love our tiles

and the hardwood...

In da loft...

View from Master Bedroom. Can you spot the creek? Waterfront property baby!

All I need now is some beer and a shotgun

That's all for now folks. Off to dance a jig or two.

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