25 April 2006

FORE !!!

As if life isn't busy enough, I've decided to tackle yet another challenge. I'm determined to learn how to play golf!

For years my future parents-in-law had been trying to persuade me to take up the sport, but I was never that keen. I tend to like fast and bloody sports; being docile was never really my forte. But after a few years of working, I’ve come to realize that golf provides great opportunities for networking and business. Not to mention there’s a certain status that comes with being a golfer. All I need now is a membership to the country club, a pony and a butler names Jeeves. Oh….and I also need those cool checkered pants….definitely got to have the pants!

On a more serious note, I feel that I need to try the sport in honour of FH’s mother who sadly passed away last September. She was an avid golfer and I was very touched when she decided to give me her much-cherished golf clubs. I promised her that I would try. Who knows, I may even come to love it like she did. Much like myself, she didn’t think she would take to golf, but it didn’t take long before she was hooked. It would be a lovely family tradition to carry on.

In an attempt to not embarrass myself (and taint my future family name), I am going to start golf lessons in May with FH. I’ve got to admit, I’m pretty nervous. I don’t think I’ve ever swung an actual golf club. I don’t think it’s really fair to include my mini-put prowess…? I barely even know the golf terminology. I do however know of one particular word, which I’m sure I’ll be using the instant that I hit the green…..FORE!

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