10 April 2006

The "crafty" redhead...

Once again, I stupidly decided to partake in a late-night crafting session. This wedding is going to make a Martha out of me. Well, maybe not, but this is a pretty big accomplishment for someone who has the attention span and patience of a five-year old.

In an attempt to save money (NOT), I have decided to try making my own DIY wedding programs. So far I’ve managed to come up with two concepts that I like, although they really need tweaking. Lately my opinion seems to change on the hour.

Without further ado, here’s option #1. Not too shabby but I need to work on distributing the glue more evenly on the ribbon so that it doesn’t show through.
N.B. I have blurred out me and FH's full names...so don't even think of stalking us!
I am, however leaking our first names...so much for my attempts at maintaining anonymity. Anyhow, I digress...

Last, but not least, here is option #2. Slightly different monogram with a ribbon on the side. The text will be the same as the above photo.

So there you have it. My attempts at being "crafty". Wasn't that enthralling?

Right...bath time for me!

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