05 April 2006


Another rough morning. Bring on the caffine! Last night's project consisted of rolling change on the floor for roughly 90 minutes. It's amazing what a person will tolerate just to find a bit of extra coin. (I see visions of married life and home-ownership)

In all fairness, I kind of had fun. There's nothing like blasting some tunes while counting money.
If only it were bills as opposed to small change.....

Typically, I roll change only once each year. It's always a bit of an adventure as I dash around my room opening drawers, containers, jewlery cases and old purses in search of spare change. Actually, it probably looks a little desperate! I should really make my life simpler but throwing all my change in one location, as opposed to a myriad of hidden caches.

The good news is, I'm about $50 wealthier than I thought. I'm going to haul the change into the bank, exchange it for bills, and keep adding to my growing honeymoon jar. More on that later...

In case you are wondering about my subject line, I am referring to a lovely allergic reaction I had last night (pre-change counting). My family and I were at my brother's house for coffee and I made the terrible mistake of playing with Hunter - his mischievous kitty. I know I shouldn't have gone near him, but he's just so darn cute. (see picture of young Hunter)

Hunter will be "de-manned" is a few weeks so I had to be nice to him. Poor kitty.

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